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Currently planned invitational/A-B-C Division tournaments for 2020-21:

12/12/2020 - B-C Invitational via Camas HS.

1/9 & 1/16/2021 - C Invitational via Bothell HS. For info & to register. 1/3/21 - possibility for change in tournament.

2/6/2021 - B Invitational via Redmond HS. Register at

2/6/2021 - C Invitational via Raisbeck Aviation HS. Register at

NOTE: All teams registering for an invitational tournament MUST be registered with their state Science Olympiad. Go to to register in Washington.



With the virtual tournament format, WSO is running one statewide regional tournament - only registration options will be B Division or C Division. No more than 6 teams from one school may register prior to 12/2/20 - then on space-available basis. Registration on begins 9/1/20.

After testing is completed, teams will be identified by geographic region and the top half from each region will advance to the state tournament (with no more than 2 teams from a school advancing).  

IMPORTANT FEE INFO: ALL 2019-20 registered teams qualify for a discount in 2020-21: Teams that were UNABLE to compete due to COVID qualify for a $250 discount (= registration waiver). Teams that did compete qualify for a $100 discount (meaning $150 fee due to finalize registration). New schools to WSO qualify for a registration waiver ($250 discount) on FIRST team only. If registering more than two teams, full fee is required. NOTE: All registering teams need to finalize registration via payment screen (e.g., teams with full waiver will show $0 due; teams with partial discount show $150 due). Until registration is finalized, no team # will be assigned & your school/team will not be registered with Washington.

Tournament Dates:     

WSO Statewide Regional (B & C) - February 27 AND March 6: February 27 is primarily written test events; March 6 is primarily build events with a few written tests.

WSO Unified Schedule

See Coaches web page.


WSO B & C Division State Tournament - April 17 AND 24. April 17 is primarily written test events; April 24 is primarily build events with a few written tests.


Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ) - May 21-22, 2021

[NOTE: Possibility for different state advancement guidelines based on how each state's tournaments are run 2020-21. Additional info will be provided when known.]   


Event supervisors are an integral part of all Science Olympiad tournaments. Washington Science Olympiad event supervisors may find event information at the following sites:

National Science Olympiad - Be sure to check event FAQs and Rules Clarifications on the national site before preparing your event.

Washington Science Olympiad maintains an Event Supervisor Guide - a web site for providing event supervisors with general preparation and event-specific information.

Tournament Directors may also have access to scoresheets and a test bank for events that can either assist in developing tests or can be used in emergency situations. Contact your Tournament Director for available event scoresheets and tests.