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WSO Mission Statement:

Washington Science Olympiad is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school students to study and experience events drawn from national Science Olympiad areas*, then utilize that knowledge and teamwork to compete in tournaments where student success and achievement are recognized by families, coaches, teachers, and the community.

*Life, Personal & Social Science; Earth & Space Science; Physical Science & Chemistry; Technology & Engineering; and Inquiry and Nature of Science

....................................................Adopted 4/21/2012

WSO By-Laws:

WSO By-Laws - *pdf File (Printable format). Contents list:

Article I – Name, Affiliation and Purpose
Section 1. Name
Section 2. Affiliation
Section 3. Purposes
Article II – Membership
Section 1. Classes and election of members
Section 1.1 Regular members
Section 1.2 Associate members
Section 1.3 Honorary members
Section 2. Membership year
Section 3. Dues
Section 4. Voting
Section 5. Termination and Resignation
Section 6. Membership Transfer
Article III – Board of Directors
Section 1. General Powers
Section 2. Number, Tenure and Qualifications
Section 2.1. Initial Election
Section 3. Nominations for Board Positions
Section 4. Annual Meeting
Section 5. Regular Meetings
Section 6. Notice
Section 7. Quorum
Section 8. Manner of Acting
Section 9. Resignation and Removal of Board Members.

Section 10. Presumption of Assent
Article IV – Name of Offices, Terms, Duties
Section 1. Officers
Section 2. Term of Office
Section 3. Duties of the Chairperson
Section 4. Duties of the Assistant Chairperson
Section 5. Duties of the Secretary
Section 6. Duties of the Treasurer.
Section 7. Duties of the State Director
Article V – Tournaments
Section 1. Conduct
Section 2. State Tournament

Article VI – Contract, Checks, Deposits and Funds
Section 1. Contracts
Section 2. Checks, Drafts, Etc
Section 3. Deposits
Section 5. Disbursements Must Meet IRS Rulings
Article VII – Books and Records
Article VIII – Fiscal Year
Article IX – Corporate Seal
Article X – Waiver of Notice
Article XI – Amendments

Certificate of Adoption

Article XII – Limiting Number of Teams
Article XIII – Establishing Regional Boards


Current WSO Policies & Policy Issues:

WSO Policies - Compilation of all current policies adopted by WSO Board of Directors
Scoring Policy
Team Affiliation Policy (replaces Home School Policy, effective 7-1-2010)
WSO Team Conduct Policy 
WSO Team Probation Policy



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