Contributions to Washington Science Olympiad help us bring practical science education to more of Washington schools!

NOW, state and higher education employees may contribute via the Washington Combined Fund Drive - charity #1479519.

For more information or to contribute directly, contact the State Director.

THANK YOU to all who make Science Olympiad a
possibility for Washington schools!

The Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) has awarded a total of $13,640 in grants to Washington Science Olympiad, which has been used to fund new teams. Thank you, SPEEA! Your support has helped WSO grow.

Special thanks go to Adalis Corporation ~ a technical and industry leader in packaging, supply chain, and plywood composing fields. Adalis awarded WSO a $5,000 grant to involve more schools and students in Science Olympiad. Thank you, Adalis.









If you would like to help support Washington Science Olympiad by contributing, please click button below to donate.


Or contact for other donation options: 

Sue Murphy, State Director
15112 W Third Addition Rd.
Cheney, WA 99004

Thank you for supporting our future scientists!