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Currently planned invitational/A-B-C Division tournaments for 2016-17:

~SW Region A Tournament - 11/19/16 (Clark College, Vancouver, WA). Elementary division tournament.

~SW Region B Invitational Tournament - 12/10/16 (Camas HS, Camas, WA). Registration link:

~SW Region C Invitational Tournament - 2/4/17 (Camas HS, Camas, WA). Registration link:

~NW Region B Invitational Tournament - 1/21/17 (Northshore JHS, Bothell, WA). Registration link:

~NW Region B Invitational Tournament - 2/11/17 (Chinook MS, Seattle, WA). Registration link:

~NW Region C Invitational Tournament - 12/3/16 (Curtis HS, University Place, WA)

~NW Region C Invitational Tournament - 1/14/17 (Raisbeck Aviation HS, Tukwila, WA)


If any Washington school or organization wishes to sponsor an invitational tournament, please contact your regional board or the State Director well in advance of your planned event to obtain approval and to get on the WSO schedule.


Eastern Region (Spokane Community College) - 3/11/2017

Northwest Region (Seattle Central College) - 3/4/2017

Northwest Region (University of Washington) - 2/25/2017 - C Division ONLY

South Central Region - B Division ONLY (Yakima Valley College) - 2/25/2017 (Tournament Web Site)

Southwest Region (Clark College) - 3/4/2017.

UNIFIED SCHEDULE - 2017 Final Schedule. All regional and state tournaments in Washington adhere to unified schedule. NOTE: Change 12/3/16 to remove "Impound" from Food Science (B Division) - no other changes.


Highline College - April 15, 2017


Wright State University (Dayton, OH) - May 19-20, 2017


Event supervisors are an integral part of all Science Olympiad tournaments. Washington Science Olympiad event supervisors may find event information at the following sites:

National Science Olympiad - Be sure to check event FAQs and Rules Clarifications on the national site before preparing your event.

Washington Science Olympiad maintains an Event Supervisor Guide - a web site for providing event supervisors with general preparation and event-specific information.

Tournament Directors may also have access to scoresheets and a test bank for events that can either assist in developing tests or can be used in emergency situations. Contact your Tournament Director for available event scoresheets and tests.