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Registrations for the 2016-17 season will be accepted starting August 1 until January 31, 2017. For teams wishing to compete in 2017, complete the registration form and return with payment OR purchase order. Team registration includes a rules manual and entry into regional tournament. Rules manuals are available by mid-September, so the earlier you get your registration form/payment or PO in, the sooner you'll receive your rules manual and can begin preparing for the tournament. NOTES: (1) Purchase of a rules manual from national Science Olympiad Store does NOT register your team for Washington Science Olympiad; (2) Teams registering with a purchase order must submit a hard copy of the purchase order to finalize registration; (3) Teams must formally withdraw registration by January 31, 2015, in order to obtain a refund -- rules manual must be returned intact for full refund; (4) Registered teams will receive a unique team number that will be used in ALL tournaments in the state -- invitational, regional, and state.

Schools registering 3 or more teams AFTER January 1 may register for $150 on a space-available basis. Complete registration form and send PO or payment.

2017 Rule Clarifications - Check NSO site

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All tournaments in Washington state adhere to the same schedule in order to provide continuity of competition from the regional to the state tournament. Click on the link below for the most recent schedule. Contact State Director if you are unable to open the document.

2017 WSO Unified Schedule - 2017 Final Schedule . All tournaments in WA adhere to this schedule. NOTE: Change on 12/3/16 - removed "Impound" from Food Science (B Division) ... no other changes.


Trial events are selected by the WSO Board of Directors based on coach feedback/request and/or trial events scheduled as regular events for later years on the NSO lineup.

2017 Washington Pilot Event B & C Divisions:

Lindbergh Electric Airplane Flight (LEAF) Challenge

This event will be run at all tournaments with scores figuring into overall team results. NOTES: (1) Rules updated 11/23/16 to include alternate motors that can be used. (2) Rules updated 2/2017 based on feedback from invitational tournaments (formula for calculating performance was updated). Above link goes to this last set of rules.

Rubrics used for judging LEAF Challenge:

Design Construction
Presentation (Poster-B division; Report-C division)

2017 Trial Events (will be run at state tournament - check with regional tournament director to see if will be run):

B Division

Potions and Poisons

C Division
WiFi Lab Rules Also, see Transmitter Construction Guide for additional info.

Teams advancing to the state tournament should use rules posted to WSO web site - click on above links - to ensure you have the version being used in Washington. (Do not use the rules on the national Science Olympiad web site.)

NOTE: Inclusion of trial events at regional tournaments is at tournament director's discretion. Trial events WILL be included at the state tournament. Descriptions and rules for trial events are not in the official rules manual sent to registered teams.

Number of Teams Advancing from Regional Tournaments to State Tournament:

The number of teams advancing to the state tournament from regional tournaments: 22 teams per division

Numbers are determined after the registration deadline (Jan 31).

To determine the number of teams advancing from regional tournaments to the state tournament in each division, the following formula shall be applied:



Resulting fractional numbers will be rounded down (.1 to .4) or rounded up (.5 to .9).


If there are 79 B teams registered statewide and 20 B teams can be accommodated at the state tournament.  There are four regions:

Region 1 has 18 teams

Region 2 has 24 teams

Region 3 has 23 teams

Region 4 has 14 teams


Based on the formula above, the following number of teams should* advance to the state tournament:

Region 1 will send 5 teams (formula3

Region 2 will send 6 teams formula4

Region 3 will send 6 teams formula5

Region 4 will send 4 teams formula6

*In years when rounding up results in more teams being eligible for State than the tournament is able to accommodate (as identified in the above example, where 21 teams should advance), the region/s with the greater number of teams will be given priority.  In the example above, this would be the actual number of teams that advance to the state tournament based on only 20 teams being accommodated:

Region 1 – 5 teams
Region 2 – 6 teams
Region 3 – 6 teams
Region 4 – 3 teams (even though the formula allowed for rounding up to 4 teams, with only 14 teams, this region has the fewest number of registered teams; therefore, the other regions are given priority in advancing to the state tournament).

2017 Season Teams Advancing to State (based on 22 teams):

Eastern regional (Spokane) - 5-B; 3-C

Northwest regional (Seattle Central) - 7-B; 8-C

Northwest regional (University of Washington) - 5-C

South Central regional (Yakima) - 5-B

Southwest regional (Vancouver) - 5-B; 6-C

Event Alignment with Washington State GLEs:

B division alignment
B matrix
C division alignment
C matrix


Meetings and Coaching Workshops - Click on link for information about the NSO Summer Insitiute and other clinics.

2016-17 WSO Coaches Clinics

For a list of invitational tournaments (opportunities to practice prior to regional tournaments), check out the Tournaments page.

Science Olympiad video clips


Check out the latest brochure from the Puget Sound Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology - brochure

Check out the latest brochure from the Puget Sound Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology - brochure

Awesome Aquifers & Hydrogeology Website - brought to you by the Ground Water Foundation. Check out the Competition Tips for Students. While this event is not currently on the Science Olympiad schedule, most events rotate through every few years. Teachers may want to use this as a classroom activity.

Probes and other measurement devices are used in a variety of Science Olympiad events like Bio-Process (B) and Technical Problem Solving (C). Texas Instruments has many products that meet event requirements. See their web site for product and education details: http://education.ti.com/educationportal/sites/US/homePage/index.html

Information on funding and grants for TI products: http://education.ti.com/educationportal/sites/US/sectionHome/grantandfunding.html

A great place for coaches to find practice tests.



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